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This week I would like to do things a little differently… as you know, I am a big advocator of taking life by the reins and transforming it into what you want it to be. I would love to introduce you to a group of amazing women that do just this… religiously.

I have been a part of the Wildheart Revolution for around 5 months now and cannot express how much it has changed my life. I would not be speaking to you today if it weren’t for the love and support of this community of women. I have jump-started my self-confidence, my relationships and my business in such a short period of time, solely because I have been surrounded by like-minded, strong women (and some men have even been trickling in here and there… this is good shit!) that live their life by unabashedly being themselves, within all their quirks, complexities and unique genius.

As a first victim, we will be speaking to Sally Hope, the life coach extraordinaire who has founded this amazing community and ideal. Also on the roster, are two Wildheart women in their own right that take life by the balls and twist them until what comes out is a perfect shade of themselves, ready to be lived with full gusto… yeah, I said it. And it’s totally gross – but you love it…


Interior Musings : Wildheart Lifestyle Design

So without further adieu, let me introduce you to Sally Hope, Founder of the Wildheart Revolution at!

Xine: Hey Sally! Aside from running the Wildheart Revolution group, you also give very personal attention to each and every one of your members and this has been such a pleasure. 

Sally: Oh lady! I’m so glad that it has been helpful. It’s been so much fun for me to be in there as much as I am and get to know everyone. I LOVE coaching and I love helping people so it’s really win-win for us all!

Xine: Can you describe the exact moment when this amazing idea popped into your head? Where were you, what were you feeling, what did you feel needed to change?

Sally: It’s funny. I don’t know if it was an exact moment as much as it was a culmination of every moment before that one.

The collection of every risk I’ve ever taken, every heartbreak I’ve ever had, every decision I’ve ever made to do something that fulfilled me led me to Wildheart.

But I distinctly remember a moment sitting in my apartment. Nothing special was happening. And the words “Wildheart Revolution” floated past my subconscious and I KNEW it was big. At the time I didn’t really know what it would turn into but I just knew in my heart it was the THING I was supposed to do.

I felt like there needed to be a new way of living life. Where you are acting in accordance to your deepest values and fulfillment. That’s the kind of world I wanted to live in and that’s what I wanted to teach through Wildheart.

Xine: That gave me shivers… I have heard you speak about a great life-changing adventure to Costa Rica that you undertook with our fellow Sex, Dating & Relationship expert, Natalie Vartanian. Can you tell us what that embodied for you, in terms of taking your life into your own hands?

Sally: Definitely. Making that decision truly embodied freedom, adventure and a “FUCK IT…why not?!” Attitude.

It showed me that I’m extremely resourceful and can create whatever kind of life I want. Before that trip, it was all just theory. But living in Costa Rica, and running my business from the beach truly showed me that anything is possible and I can create whatever kind of experience I want. It was liberating. True freedom.

Xine: Hellz yeah! As with your travels, creating the Wildheart Revolution has certainly been a “Wild” ride, but we’re all human after all… can you share one of the major vulnerabilities that you have encountered when undertaking such grand adventures, businesses, changes in your life?

Sally: I think any great thing comes with challenges and we become extremely vulnerable. Every step along the way of Wildheart has felt that way.

In the beginning the challenge was “is this thing even good?” which translates into the very vulnerable place of “am I any good?”

And as time passes, it becomes very vulnerable to be the leader of something that I think is really important in the world. I have to take on a ton of skills that I don’t naturally possess. It’s basically like I’m learning as I go, but because I believe in it so much, it’s so worth it to be vulnerable and go through those growing pains.

Xine: What does the future look like, for The Wildheart Revolution and its members? If we time travel ahead to the year 2030, what are Wildhearts doing right now?

Sally: What a fun question! I see Wildheart as a household way of BEING…kind of like the Nike “Just Do It” slogan.

People will be “wildhearting” all over the world. There will be a clothing line, live events, books, products, programs, in addition to the Wildheart Revolution community that we’re all in now, that all serve the purpose to get people connected to their vision of their best life and then give them tools to go live it.

I believe Wildhearts will be living the lives they were put on this planet to live. They will be fulfilled and happy.

Xine: Awesome… that definitely sounds like a future I want to be a part of.


Interior Musings : Wildheart Lifestyle Design EllenEllen Ercolini, Wildheart Resident Money-Making Expert and Business Coach at

Xine: Ellen! I have had the pleasure of working with you within the Wildheart group and inhaling your business coach wisdom for Interior Musings… and I feel so incredibly lucky to have you by my side during all the turmoils and a-ha moment that come with undertaking a new business – but honestly, I’m starting to feel like your stalker, following your every launch and being right there, the second the free business FB hour comes on in the Wildheart group…

Ellen: I love that! Isn’t that what the internet is made for?  I love it when my work strikes a chord and you keep coming back for more.   And when it’s with fellow Wildhearts, it’s such a YES, more please!

One of the coolest parts of my job is helping all you Wildhearts build better businesses to launch your dreams + lives far and wide.

Xine: So I hear that you’re planning a great adventure of your own! Can you tell me how this has come about?

Ellen: HAWAII!  YES, my sister and I are planning a trip there this May.  I’m wildly excited about it, not to mention overdue for a vacation :-)

This came about by setting some big 5 figure financial goals for myself, and hitting them.   Hawaii was what I promised myself as a big fat reward – and I promised I’d take my sister with me to celebrate how hard we’ve worked to get here.  She’s been SUCH a tremendous support to me over the years, she’s really been an integral part of my journey and I can’t wait to celebrate in Hawaii with her.

Xine: That’s super sweet. How has the Wildheart Revolution helped you achieve this very personal business goal?

Ellen: The Wildheart Revolution is a catalyzing place! It’s a place that helps you think of new ideas, new ways to do business, and just generally step out and up into your brilliance.  It’s a community of movers and shakers, so it feels very natural to go for, and hit, big business goals as part of it.

Xine: Movers and shakers is right… If you could choose 3 words to describe the members of the Wildheart Revolution, what with those be?

Ellen:  Fantastic, Searching, On Fire

They are inherently fantastic, and when they come to the revolution they are searching, and the revolution helps them SET FIRE to their goals and dreams and they start making them real.

It’s incredibly inspiring.

Xine: Yup, Fire is definitely one of those elements that us Wildhearts seem to be attracted to… sometimes, as in my case, it’s a question of taking’er down a spicy notch… ha! What has been the greatest challenge of running your successful venture in helping others make money for themselves?

Ellen:  Seeing so many amazing, talented, passionate ladies stuck in the ‘shoulds’ – it seriously upsets me when people stop thinking about what works for THEM, and starts trying to fit into what they ‘should’ do. This happens to me sometimes too! Generally when I focus too much on other peoples businesses and disconnect from my WHY.

But honestly, it doesn’t need to be so hard, and I’m on a mission to revolutionize the way we build businesses to put an end to all that nonsense.

Xine: So what else has been going on with you lately? Self-Pimp away!

Ellen: Oooo I’m super excited to share my signature service: Signature Services!

It helps creative online entrepreneurs create a totally custom business tailored to their unique expertise and skillset.  From there we create amazing, value packed services designed to fly off the digital shelves. My clients tend to triple their monthly income within a few months of working with me.

My service is unique because included, is a guest posting strategy session with Maggie Patterson, and 3 pages of amazing copy for your site by Erica Lee Strauss. Both are Wildhearts and biz geniuses.  It’s an all inclusive jetpack towards your business dreams.

Xine: Amazing, the perfect soul-centric business-coaching combo!


Interior Musings : Wildheart Natalie Vartanian

Natalie Vartanian, Wildheart resident Tarot Reader and Sex, Dating & Relationship Coach at

Xine: Hello Natalie… I kind of like being the one asking the questions today… mwahahahahaaaaaaa! Coaching us Wildhearts on Friday nights, wine in hand (in my case), you’ve heard all of my little dirty secrets…

Natalie: I kind of like being the one asked the questions my dear Xine. In honor of you, I poured myself a glass so I could have wine in hand on this end!! Let’s get this party started. ;)

Xine: I love it… So… How does one become a Sex, Dating and Relationship expert? Any juicy deets about how that came about for you?

Natalie:  Having lots and lots of sex!! I tease. Honestly I have been fascinated by and talking about sex, love and relationships since I was in high school!

Funny story … my best friend used to call me Dr. Ruth because every day during our break between classes she would bring up her latest love woes and I would give her advice! When I started dating, having sex and being in relationships, it was always through a lens of learning, growing, stretching. The more I pushed my own boundaries and got out of my comfort zone, I found I had a wealth of experiences to share… with friends, colleagues, clients, etc.

It wasn’t until Aaron Steinberg, another friend and colleague (and fellow Wildheart), pointed out how much I loved talking (and teaching) about sex, dating and relationships and encouraged me to pursue it as a niche. I had already been coaching for a few years, this just made things way more juicy!

Xine: And how has the Wildheart Revolution allowed you to express these talents far and wide?

Natalie: Interestingly enough, the love coaching was something I had already explored before the Revolution (early stages of Wildhearting!) … however, what Wildheart has enabled me to express in ways I never dreamed of was my skills with the Tarot.

I have loved Tarot since I was in college and used it unofficially for 6+ years to help friends work through their love and work troubles, or get clear on what it is that was getting in the way of them having what they want in those departments. It shifted when the lovely Miss Sally asked me to do a love lessons call for the Wildhearts, and the Tarot Card pulls at the end of the call turned into a few hours of Tarot Card pulls in the Facebook group. It became super obvious how powerful and needed it was in the group. It has been a magical, wonderful ride ever since.

Besides, Sally has been pushing me in that department for a while … she has a way of getting you to clue in on what is nearest and dearest to your heart and lovingly nudging you in that direction! (Total perk of being in Wildheart – supported in your crazy unspoken dreams and desires).

Xine: I can vouch for that! I was recently asked this question in an intake form and thought I would pay that forward for shits’n’giggles… What is your favorite sexual position? Ahhhhh Snap!

Natalie:  Doggie Style … no question! Boom!!

Xine: I LOVE your candor… no beating around the bush here (pun intended), total Wildheart, straight up answer!

Since you guys spent such a large amount of time together during your travels, can you divulge one of Sally’s fun quirks (one that she wouldn’t mind sharing with the world or course)? I feel like the Enquirer…

Natalie:  Sally is surprisingly structured and has her routines, especially in the morning. I knew that her day didn’t start until she had her cup of tea … for others it’s coffee, for Sally it’s PG Tips . We would joke about it too, i.e. “You haven’t had your cup of tea yet, maybe we should wait to talk about XYZ.” But honestly, it made it super easy to love on her when we were together. My favorite thing to do was prepare our breakfast which for the most part consisted of black tea and apples and peanut butter!

Xine: So what’s in your immediate future, coaching or Wildheart-wise and where can we come spy on you?

Natalie: Love this question!! Immediate future #wildheart-wise is exploring my love of Burlesque! Super scary and super exciting. Thankfully I have my roommate and friend, who has been in the Burlesque world for 8+ years to encourage me. So first step is learning how to take my clothes off in a classy way instead of slow dancing by myself in my room tripping on my descending undies! HA HA

Also expanding my writing, love/sex coaching and tarot magic (Can you tell I am a multi-passionate? Or a Pisces? Take your pick!) I can’t pick just one thing and don’t feel I have to! TOTAL WILDHEART!! So if folks are looking to open up their world with some magic, I am your girl!

You can spy on me at my website:


Thank you guys so much for being here and answering my questions…

I am truly grateful for having the ability to work, talk with, learn from all of you inside and out of the Wildheat Revolution group!

For anyone who is even mildly curious of what this whole “Wildheart” concept means, I dare you to visit Sally’s website at If you’re like me, you’ll be hooked within the first few seconds… and Sally has just opened the doors for registration so check it out before those doors close shut! Your time is NOW, and the Wildheart Revolution will help you get to where you want to go, on your terms.

So sign up, spread the word and then come back and get that room ready to rumble, because this is going to be a “Wild” ride!

Thanks again ladies and see you on the inside…

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