The Spring Fling Body Reset – When Sex and Cleansing Get Together

I swear I have the answer for everything sometimes.

Interior Musings : Spring cleansing time

This will be our 5th year undergoing a bi-yearly cleansing ritual. 

This time, it will be different. 

Every Spring and Fall we put on our best fake smiles – and face the challenge of another 21-day detoxing session.

My brain sometimes works, and as a result, I came to the hyper-intelligent conclusion that we needed to spice up that ritual. Bring in something that would turn my husband’s frown – upside down – when I approach the topic of scheduling our body reset. You see, I get all excited about the idea of getting healthier and my husband misses his beer and coffee at the sheer thought of it. 

This time, I have a secret…

So what does this dirty little secret entail?


Yup, alongside this 21-day health kick, we will be tackling a 21-day sex challenge… Now I’ve got his attention.

So what’s this Sex Challenge all about exactly? Simple, you have sex for 21 consecutive days. That’s all.


Interior Musings : It's time for those birds and bees

Common concerns when embarking on the love-train:


What if we just don’t have the time for a roll-in-the-hay, every single day?

Make time. And take into consideration that the goal of these encounters isn’t the “happy ending”, it’s the bonding you do before, during and after that really makes this worth the daily romp.


What if my lady parts can’t keep up?

Get creative. There is more than one way to tango and all of them are permitted!


Between the kids’ toys and laundry pile, our bedroom isn’t the most inviting place in the world to play hide the salami. What should I do?

I am a firm believer in designing your space according to the experiences you want to have in them. If that laundry pile is getting in the way of those long lusty nights you dream of – well…

Ship-Shape up that space! And if you really want to delve into what having your own personal “You” space would feel like, check out the Work with Xine Page! or contact me in the contact form a the bottom of this page.


What if we are a threesome and are encountering scheduling difficulties?

Your life is fun enough already, you don’t need this challenge.


So feel free to follow our lead and get on that humping horse … challenge away! And of course, share this article with those friends of yours that might appreciate such an approach… 

For us: Day 1 of the Body Reset = Day 1 of the Spring Fling – and I’m looking forward to it…


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