Simple Ikea-Hack – A Standing-Sitting Desk Combination

Interior Musings : Standing Desk


I was always finding it uncomfortable…

Frozen-still, sitting for long periods at a time, staring away at the box – all while squishing the shiz out of my innards and acquiring what my mother graciously calls a “Secretary Spread”.

My husband had already gotten on board and I was tempted to try it out… 

I wanted to take my situation into my own hands and build a standing desk! 

I will share with you the method by which we achieved my current sitting / standing combo using multiple, inexpensive elements from Ikea and some wood from the hardware store. It’s decent-looking, functional and quite healthy when regularly-alternating your work position.

What I enjoy most about this arrangement is that it is directly applicable to what I call  “Transient Design”. It is perfect for those of us who are not looking to invest a ton of money into functional design elements, with the understanding that we may not be in our current location for many years to come – without sacrificing our daily well-being of course.

To create your standing / sitting desk combo, you will need the following items:

Interior Musings : Linnmon Ikea



Ikea Linnmon Table Top

(39 3/8″ x 23 5/8″)



Interior Musings : Adils Legs


Ikea Adils Legs with adjutable feet





Step 1:

Fasten the 4x Adils legs to the four corners of the Linnmon tabletop, creating the lower portion of the standing desk. Adjust the feet on the Adils legs as needed for solidity.

Interior Musings : Ikea Lack



Ikea Lack Coffee Table

(46 1/2″ x 30 3/4″)




Step 2:

Assemble Ikea Lack Coffee Table as per the instructions.

Step 3:

Place Lack Table on top of the pre-constructed Linnmon Table. This forms the bulk of the standing desk. If you wish to secure it further, you can fasten L-brackets on the inner portion of the Lack legs to the top of the Linnmon Table Top. I haven’t found this to be necessary.

Both my husband and I have found that using some sort of rubberized mat below our feet, helps with back and leg comfort while standing for longer periods of time. You can find such a mat here (we stole ours from the kids room…):

Interior Musings : Anti-Fatigue Mat



Anti-Fatigue Mat

Choice of colors



Step 4:

Standing on your mat, measure the height you will want to place your shelf at. Stand straight and bend your arms at a 90 degree angle. Mark this area on the front legs of the Lack Coffee table. This will be the top portion of the shelf – factor in the height of your keyboard if it isn’t one of those uber-thin ones…

Interior Musings : Notched Shelf

Step 5:

This step will depend on your height:

– If your height-markings land below the top portion of the coffee table: Cut a piece of sheet wood to 35 1/4″ x  12″ and notch the corners as shown

– If you are taller and the markings are on the coffee table top: Cut a piece of sheet wood 35 14″ x 7 or 8″ in depth.

Interior Musings : Ekby Brackets


Ikea Ekby Hall Shelf Brackets


You can use any pair of shelf brackets, so play around with the look that you enjoy most.



Interior Musings : Shelf Fixed

Step 6:

Fasten Shelf Brackets to Lack Coffee Table Legs factoring in the thickness of your sheet wood

Step 7:

Fasten notched sheet wood piece to the top of your brackets as a shelf so that the top of your shelf aligns with your markings.

Step 8:

Enjoy your standing desk!


Interior Musings : Standing Sitting ComboTo create the sitting portion of the desk, simply cut a piece of sheet wood according to your desired workstation size (length x width – mine is 47″ x 19 1/2″)  and fasten another 4 Adils legs to this surface. The thickness of the sheet wood will affect the solidity of your desk here – you can optionally secure the sitting and standing portions together to strengthen to combo.

You can assemble your sitting / standing combo in an L-shape, as I do, or along the wall, but factor in the following when making that final planning decisions:


– Will you be moving your screen from desk to desk or can you place your laptop on one desk and screen on the other (as I do)?

– Consider how your wiring will move from one location to the other when going from sitting to standing and back.

– If you are tall, you may need to prop up your screen(s) to a more natural height for your neck.

The above desk combo has been amazing. I tend to start off my day standing, and if I need to read a long document or am in the midst of writing a blog (like this one!), I tend to sit down.

You can easily customize your wood elements by staining them to match the wood tint of other pieces in your space (a little Interior Design tip I love to share with clients…). I left mine natural, because I like the look and feel, but it tends to stain much faster with drinks, etc, when left untreated…

I hope you will give this a try and feel free to comment below if you do!


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