Boudoir Basics – Heeding to the Hot & Heavies

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It’s evening, you’re drinking a glass of wine, the lights are dim, you’re reading your favorite book and begin daydreaming about all the exciting sexy moments you wish you were having a heck of a lot more of… I’ll let you finish that thought another time.

For some of you, that visualization might involve a better run in the sack with your existing partner? Perhaps it means bringing in someone new for a round of horizontal hammering (maybe more than one person)? Maybe it’s something totally kinky that has been floating around in your mind lately?

Whatever the scenario… if you were to turn around and take a look at the current state of your bedroom, do you feel it fully-supports those brand “spanking” new vibes that you are dreaming about experiencing? 


If you are wishing for a special someone to come into your life… have you taken down the teenage-frenzy Brad Pitt posters and upgraded that single bed to a size that can actually allow these lusty love nights to occur? 

If you are wanting a cosy monogamous relationship, have you considered how the boxes of porn lying around might be ineffective at attracting that serious soul mate? 

These are all situations where “Creating the Space” both physically and emotionally, is a necessary precursor to getting on with your bad self…


How does one “Create the Space” exactly? 

Firstly, get specific on what it is you are wanting to experience, and then approach the design of your space with these dreams in mind. Consider all the individual elements that comprise what you are wanting to achieve and be precise on what that means for you.


Picture this… What would this space look like, if you were already having your desired dirty dances?

– What would be different and what would remain the same? 

– What colors do you associate with this kind of fantasy? 

– Any particular fabrics or toys entice this mood for you?

– What about decorative elements such as candles, wall art, sculptural pieces?

Consider all your senses when making those decisions.

The act of “Setting the stage”, in and of itself, sends out a clear message that these are your desires and that you are beginning to move towards them… NOW! Creating this Space allows you to prepare yourself, both physically and emotionally, for these fun-filled frenzies! 

However you state it, it all comes down to the same thing: Holistic Boudoir Design with a clear experiential purpose. 

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