Why Designing Means More than just Having “Nice Things”

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I encounter this frequently…

That look, when I tell people what I do:

Xine (that’s me!): “Hi, I’m Xine La Fontaine and I’m a Holistic Home and Lifestyle Designer”.

Listener: “Wow, designing your home sounds so glamorous! One day, I’ll totally design my home. But with so many other “life issues” going on, how can I possibly consider something as frivolous as designing right now?”

Xine: “Well… I’m here to tell you why”:

Because designing means more than just having “Nice Things”! 

When you design your space and your lifestyle, you are essentially taking these ”life issues” and actively working towards transforming them. These “life issues” become the key towards understanding where it is you want to go and what it is you want to experience in your life!

Let me illustrate this with a personal example:

When we moved to France, from Montreal last July, I was faced with just how life-altering and emotionally-powerful making these home design changes can be. As we arrived in our current apartment, this is where my brain was at – it wasn’t good:

Xine: “I am so tired, but we’ve finally found a place. It’s the only large-enough space we can afford and it’s in a grungy part of town – it’s loud and energetically-aggressive outside and the apartment itself is pretty run down. I’m far from home and this is getting intense…”

Eeeesh, whiny Xine.

And this is when the magic happened…

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Xine’s Bedroom Vanity

Xine: “The location is not ideal, but I know the apartment can be made better with some small changes.” Boom! 

Xine: “Although I have Interior Design knowledge, I’m in no way agile in construction. I can take on small projects at a time, modify elements that are doable for me. Yup!

Xine: “We may not be in this apartment for many years to come so I will approach it in a temporary fashion. Yes you can!


Xine: “I can turn what I now consider to be a tumultuous situation into a haven of peace and serenity – a place where I feel safe and at home” Bam!

So what exactly did happen right there? We began with a series of unsettling emotions and fears: financial strain, safety issues, loss of control, perpetual exhaustion and turned them into potentials for a new way to experience daily life.

In the progressive process of transforming our home, I have learned that:

1- Designing your space holistically means… considering all the elements that are going on in your life, and actively taking steps towards transforming those that don’t serve you. 

2- Designing your space holistically means… shaping your surroundings according to how “You” want to live your life. It means “creating the space”, both physically and emotionally, for what “You” want to experience.

Interior Musings : Office Inspirations

Xine’s Office Inspirations

– You wish you could socialize more often
– You want to feel less stressed all the time
– You wish life was more exciting and inspiring
– You wish you were more organized
– You want to look forward to something grand!
– You wish you could just take it easy when you need to…

The above are all amazing starting points to creating your interior design. Your space can reflect and embody everything you are hoping to achieve. The key is really getting down to the bottom of exactly what that is, and then learning how you can apply these to your physical space and concurrently, to your lifestyle!

Once you know what you want, what’s next? 

The next step is to translate those desires into visual and other sensorial cues that are very unique to your personality. It’s as simple as that.




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