French Abodes and Morning Rituals

As long-term dwellers in our homes, we don’t always pay attention to the elements that surround us on a daily basis and how they may affect us, from the first moment we wake, to the moment we fall asleep at night.

Interior Musings : Morning View

In the following, I will offer up a few solutions for livening up (and lightening up!) your  morning view with a goal of bringing inspiration to your day. 

Where this all comes from…

Upon our arrival in France, we managed to find a nice apartment right in the centre of town. In, fact, we were so close to the centre, the high speed trains whizzed by our front doors creating an inner apocalyptic rumble of such intensity, we had to pause all calls or movies we were watching – there was pretty much no way sound was going to win over that train.

We were lucky enough that the bedrooms were facing the back courtyard… I cannot begin to express how much the view outside that back bedroom window salvaged my sanity in the first weeks away from home. Those moments, when I woke up in the morning or lay in bed sick and feeling down, I had a wonderful view of a tropical plant overhanging a neighbor’s wood railing. This plant wasn’t of a particularly exotic nature, I’m pretty sure I could get one of these anywhere, but it symbolized so much for me, in those challenging moments:

It represented the reasons why I came to the South of France to begin with.

So when I would get frustrated over administrative madness or when I first got ill and had no idea how to deal with doctors or hospitals, I would lay in bed, staring out at that tropical-looking plant basking in the sun and I would regain the energy to face my challenge. Every following morning, when I woke up, I would be reminded of this initial feeling and I would get a really nice boost to face whatever might come my way throughout the day.


So how does the above translate in your home?

Here are some questions you might ask yourself:

What do you see when you first wake up in the morning? Is it a well-placed flowering tree in the corner of your bedroom? A messy work desk? A brick wall or a direct view into your neighbour’s apartment, catching a eye-full of early nakedness?

Interior Musings: Window Masking

Is the view outside your bedroom window less than inspiring?

Try embellishing the area around your window or placing a shelf filled with plants in front of it, so as to defer the attention. Sheer curtains can also work well to create a soft barrier between you and your visual obstacle and maintain a good level of incoming natural lighting. Ikea has various options of sheer curtains and for various budgets.

Does a laundry mountain await you first thing?

Keeping this pile under control is ideal, but if this is not your forte, finding a new location for the mountain as well as utilizing a closed stylish clothing basket would at least allow you to take a few deep cleansing breaths before being reminded of the chore that awaits you.

Is your office space in your bedroom? 

Now this one is tricky, because you might LOVE what you do for work, or not. And this has differing effects on how you’ll react to this desk as you awake.

Another interesting point here, is whether or not this arrangement truly reflects what you want to experience in your bedroom… are you hoping for long lusty nights of love, but instead, tend to sit at your desk working on spreadsheets and chatting on Facebook?

Interior Musings: Soft Fabric Barrior

Understandably, we don’t all have the luxury of owning a separate room to use as an office space… but when possible, consider how you might perform at work if you were in an environment that was better suited for the experience? This would in turn, leave that bedroom open to other sweet possibilities!

Now if your office is in your room and it is there to stay – a soft barrier could be an interesting option between your bed and your desk.

Your environment guides your vision – and it is thus important to design your space according to the experiences you want to have in them! 

To ensure a nice and easy wake-up ritual, the task is simple: make sure to keep your first waking moment clear of weighty reminders. 



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