5 Ways to Boost the Holistic of your Home Design

Interior Musings : Spice ScentSo you’ve cleaned up…

Moved the furniture around…

You’ve even put up those shelves that were lingering in the corner of the room for weeks…

You spent some money on that bright red office chair that you love but something still seems off.

The room looks organized – and functions well with the tasks you will be performing in it – but it’s still lacking that “Vavoom” you were hoping to feel when you walk in?

Your question now is…

How does one implement said “Vavoom”?


Interior Musings : 5 Senses 

That’s right…

Design using every one of your 5 senses

As living, breathing human beings occupying our home, we don’t selectively function with one or two of our senses as we see fit… (unless the dog let one go – in which case we will gladly self-obstruct a sense or two…).

Under normal circumstances (and when the air is fresh), we feel with every one of our operational senses – at all times. As a result, if we single out a particular one, it leaves quite a bit of untapped sensorial potential within our design and overall experience.

Think about it this way: When we get to work on making dinner for the family, or when hosting for friends, we don’t only consider taste as a sensorial trigger. We usually want the meal experience to involve the wonderful smells that come with cooking something nice, the sounds of people chatting over the food that has just been created and if the texture of the food is off, it can certainly bring that excitement down a savory-notch…

When designing a space, ask yourself these essential questions:

– What do you want to feel like in your space?

– What do you want to experience in this space?

– What sights, sounds, smells, textures and even tastes! do you feel correspond to the above answers?

The answers to these questions are very personal – there is no universal template to creating the perfect “Office Experience” or the perfect “Bedroom Experience”. And knowing what you want this space to be like, for you, is the necessary first step.

Once you are fully in touch with what it is you are looking to feel, incorporating your preferred corresponding sensorial triggers can really create an all-encompassing, complete experience to your designed space.

Interior Musings : Flowers for Sight or Scent

Image by Superfamous

– Are flowers something you enjoy (either visually and/or as a scent)?

– If spice is more your thing, then perhaps a potpourri concoction would be interesting?

– Do you have a variety of textures in your space? Fabric? Stone or distressed wood surface? Plants?

– Do you enjoy music here or perhaps you need some textured elements in your room to help dampen an echo?

– Are the decorative visual cues in your room inspiring to you?

– Does the lighting in your dining room or kitchen enhance the experience of making, and especially eating, the food?

So when the time comes for you to take charge of turning that space into a haven of “You-ness” remember to take in more than just sight…

And if you feel as though this article triggered some new funky ideas, feel free to post them below – we are ALL interested in learning new ways to heighten our own “Vavoom”.

I really enjoy sharing these free goodies with you and if you appreciated this insider tip, I would love if you could share it with 3 of your friends so that they may learn from it as well… it will help me grow my network and keep this great endeavour going for years to come!



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  1. 03-26-2014, 5:19 pm AlysaREPLY

    Wow Xine! I’m in the middle of refreshing our home (spring cleaning + actual decorating) and never even considered incorporating the 5 senses. Your tips are pretty much a game changer. Thanks for sharing!

    Have you ever thought about guest posting on the Apartment Therapy blog? I bet your perspective would be so valuable there.

    • 03-26-2014, 6:31 pm Xine AMREPLY

      Thanks Alysa, I’m glad it’s resonating with you.
      Why yes… I am quite interested in guest posting on sites such as Apartment Therapy, and once I have undergone some of my current crazy projects (such as the launch of some fun goodies here on the site), I TOTALLY plan on getting on that train.

      Thanks for your comment!

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