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Christine La Fontaine (aka Xine) – Sensual Lifestyle Designer


A mom of two, creative soul, a firecracker

She challenges herself daily and inhales life by holding the reins

McGill Cultural Studies Graduate, travel junkie, health and Interior Design enthusiast

Her passions are boundless, her voice is her being and her vices are yoga, red wine and chocolate

She aims to inspire – I am her




Being quite the multi-passionate futurist and fun junkie, it just makes sense that I would construct my own path by collapsing all those interests into one badass package that inspires others to leap forward with what they want to experience in life… View my Portfolio

With a background ranging from Interior Design to Executive administrative work, from Event Coordination to Rock Stardom (in my own mind anyway) and from Canada to France, I bring you a ton of greats and grands, a load of fears and foibles and a wealth of knowledge on how to design, not only your home, but your lifestyle in a way that feels right for you.


How Xine took life by the reins and moved abroad with two kids in tow… 

Interior Musings: Xine's Fantastic Red Couch

Xine’s Living Room

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies and studying Interior Design intensively for a year and a half, I began working as an Illustrator and Design consultant at an architectural firm in Montreal.

The need for motion was great, and so we embarked on the great adventure of moving our family of four to the South of France.

We let go, both physically and emotionally, to our most prized possessions; We sorted through, gave away, sold everything we owned and travelled into the unknown to set our roots where snow is seldom seen… leaving behind all our friends and family.

With the sun and palm trees as inspirational kicks in the chakras, I longed to find a sense of “home” in this new city where everything seemed overpriced and felt like a stretch outside my comfort zone. We found a home that wouldn’t break the bank and faced the realities that surrounded our new Pied-à-terre… it was a fixer-upper, to say the least, and directly located on a main pedestrian strip that was a little sketchy, a little muggy, and mostly noisy.

As we rolled all our belongings from our vacation rental to our new home on a rogue Ikea cart… it dawned on me:

This was it, a clean slate where I could create the home and life I needed. The opportunity to take it all in, learn and build my environment into exactly what I wanted it to be!

I have since made a vow to share what I have learned with the world. Our surroundings have such a tremendous effect on our outlook, it is imperative to take them seriously.

Our environment guides our vision.

In taking steps towards sharing in my experiences and knowledge, Interior Musings was born.

If this all jives with you, stay tuned… I’m shaking things up in here (of course…) and get ready to Design your own Sensual Lifestyle!



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